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  1. Teaching him how to Tumblr..

    Niall: “LOOK AT HOW GOOD THAT LOOKS, BABE.” He shouts in your ear, while you’re sitting right next to him. He’s been hovering over your shoulder the past half hour, while you browsed your dashboard, making comments every time he sees a picture of food. “Babe, maybe you should get your own tumblr?” You said, kissing his cheek. “I’ll show you how it works and everything!”

    Liam: “You have HOW many followers?!” Liam asked you in shock, with big doe eyes as you showed him your blog stats. You had 27,000 followers, and he was amazed. “Babe, that’s great! Do they know it’s you behind this?!” You shook your head no, and he grinned. “Make me one?” The two of you spent the rest of the afternoon and evening making your boyfriend a tumblr, teaching him how to use it and customizing his blog.

    Louis: He shook his head, as he scrolled through his new dashboard. You had made him a tumblr a week ago, and he figured it all out by himself. “This girl needs to put on some clothes, she has nothing to show!” He went anon on her ask box, “LOLZ I HAVE A BETTER BUM THEN YOU. XOXO” as you sat there laughing.

    Harry: “Babe? Do I really speak as slow as everyone says?” You peered over his shoulder, to see a chat post about him and the boys. It had numerous dots after each word of his, and you just giggled. “Maybe…but I think it’s cute!” “I DON’T SAY UZ (us) WEIRD.” “I AM THE PUSSY PATROLER!” You just sat there as he kept shouting at his laptop.

    Zayn: “And this button? What does this do?” He asked you, pointing to the reblog button. “Oh, it’s like a RETWEET button!” You said, as his eyebrows knitted together in confusion. “So, how do I post pictures?” He asked, as he pulled up his webcam files. You scrolled through it, “their all selfies, Zayn…maybe you should’ve rejoined Facebook instead.”

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