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  1. You find him cheating..

    - requested, enjoy xox.

    Niall: Lately, he’s been coming home later with every day that passes. Monday, he came home ten minutes late. Tuesday, fifteen minutes late. Yesterday, Friday, he came home over an hour late. You had been bed ridden with a virus all week, but he already promised one of the McFly members that he’d go to their party today, so you didn’t want him backing out of the commitment. You were still very suspicious, so once he left you changed into a little black dress and drove after him. Managing to hide for the first half of the party, you finally spotted Niall…in one of the backrooms, with a drunken blonde on top of him, his shirt off and his hands unzipping her dress. You let out a cough of acknowledgement, and when he looked up his jaw dropped. “Princess, I-“ “Save it.” Tears blurred your vision, as you ran out the door. On your way to the front door of the party, Liam stopped you but you refused to be in the same room as Niall. He listened to your blubbering and managed to piece it all together, and he led you outside.

    Liam: With Liam on tour at least half the year, you grew lonely easily but you knew it must be hard for him. You had your friends here, he was traveling the world and the only friends he ever had was the boys. One night, you were in the living room watching a film with Maz when his phone started ringing. You paused the movie as he answered the phone call, and you heard Liam’s voice from the other side frantic. He didn’t know you were with Maz, so he was speaking at a loud volume and you heard every word. “I don’t know what came over me, Maz. I just..she was here, and I was so frustrated with being apart from (Y/N) and….I regretted it once I realized it wasn’t (Y/N) I was having sex with, my head was just so clouded and..” “(Y/N), WAIT!” Maz yelled, but you ran to the bedroom you shared with Liam and slammed the door. “Did she hear me?! Oh god, I feel so awful! Put her on the phone?” Liam begged, but Maz ended the call to go console you.

    Louis: You being an assistant to a stylist for several celebrities, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for you to be called to come help her with a fashion crisis. You, Lou and your friend Raquel were hanging out in the flat you and him shared, when you were called out. You didn’t think twice about it – it was your job, and the two of them understood. Still, when you walked in hours later after you finally fixed what was wrong, you didn’t expect to see them on the couch naked, either. Dropping your purse to the floor to cover your open mouth, mid gasp, they heard the sound the bag made as it hit the wood flooring and looked up. “I HATE YOU, LOUIS TOMLINSON!” You screamed, grabbing the nearest thing to you (which ended up being a very beautiful lamp), and throwing it at the wall nearest him. As the glass shattered, it meant two things. One, you now needed to buy a new lamp, and two, your relationship was just as fragile, and with one stupid action it can all come crashing down. You ran out, ramming into Harry’s chest. Too upset to move or explain what happened, you sobbed into him as you threw weak punches at his shoulders. He had heard the screaming because he rents the flat next to yours, and brought you inside.  

    Harry: Clubbing every weekend was a tradition for you two. The both of you tried to go out to the clubs every other weekend, visiting different clubs each time around the city. You two spent the entire evening dancing and drinking, when the alcohol finally hit you and clubbing had been too much for you. He agreed to go home with you, but he said he’ll be out in a few minutes so you agreed to wait outside for him. As you’re leaning against the brick wall with your head against the cold stone, your eyes widened to see a familiar curly head of hair walk out, dragging a girl with bleach blonde hair and a terrible fake tan. As you walked over, she was bringing him to her car and he gladly climbed inside. He wasn’t drunk, just buzzed. Before she pulled away, you banged on the window at the passenger’s side and he looked up at you. Finally remembering he had a girlfriend, he rolled the window down, “we’re just going out for some food, babe.” He tossed you his car keys and she drove away. Once you got home, you stayed up all night and morning waiting for him to come home from his ‘getting food’. He came in around one in the afternoon the next day, his shirt smeared with lipstick and inside out. You pushed him away, grabbed your purse and phone, and left the shared apartment in tears. He confirmed all your suspicions.  

    Zayn: “I’m seriously so stupid!” You said with a laugh, as you were in the car with Zayn. You two were just going to the studio with the boys, and he was parking the car. “Don’t worry babe, you can borrow my phone while I’m in the studio. No worries.” Grinning, he walked you into the recording studio and handed you his phone, before walking into the glass booth with Niall and Harry, to harmonize. Liam and Louis plopped down next to you, both resting their heads on your shoulders, as you unlocked Zayn’s phone. As you went onto the Twitter App he has, you were about to sign out when he got a new DM. You knew he never really checked them, so you figured you could help him out by deleting a few. Once you opened it, you weren’t expecting to see a full going conversation with some slut. Better yet, she was sending him nudes and…he was sending her them too?! Your head was spinning, and your anger was skyrocketing as you kept scrolling through. These messages were apparently going on for the past two weeks, and you never knew. He even promised her that when he goes to her city during the upcoming tour, he’ll ‘hit her up’. You dropped his phone to the ground and stood abruptly, as Louis brought you outside to drive you home.


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