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  1. His ex girlfriend talks badly about you..

     - requested, enjoy xox.

    Niall: Demi wasn’t his ex girlfriend, just an ex crush, but she thought horribly of you. “She’s just a bitch,” Demi said during one of her MTV interviews. “All she would do is trash talk me to all of the other boys whenever she got the chance, even though we never even met! I wasn’t going to mention it to Niall, but when she started lying about the things I ‘said’ about her, I had enough!” Demi continued, “she’s rude and has no respect for the relationship him and I shared.” “but, you both never dated…” the interviewer said, a bit confused. “Doesn’t matter, you don’t steal a crush away. She knew we were very close to dating, and she just..took him away.” Demi said, sniffling as she turned away and mumbled, “She’s a stupid cunt.” When Niall saw the interview, he was beyond pissed and called her out on twitter. “Don’t talk bout my girl like that, ya bitch!” 

    Liam: Their breakup was a mutual decision - she wanted to focus on her career and he was getting tired of having to stick up for her all the time. Once he started dating you, it was amazing to him how much less hate you received than her. “She was my biggest hater,” Danielle posted in a twitlonger about you. “All of those times Liam had to tell everyone to stop sending me hate was because she had her little army of haters harassing me over the internet. She just wanted me to be away from him, so they could date. She’s a fake, attention seeking whore.” It’s an understatement to say that Liam was irate about this. He went onto his twitter, and tweeted her saying “you’re the attention seeking whore, funny how all my fans love her but hated you.” with correct grammar and spelling.

    Louis: “It’s true, guys. Louis cheated on me with that skank.” She posted in her new tumblr blog. After a fan sent you a link to the blog post she wrote about you being the reason the two of them broke up, you were even more horrified when you saw what she would reblog. You were mature about the whole breakup between her and Louis, but she would reblog hateful blog posts and screenshotted tweets about you, and agree with them all! You showed Louis, who put out a twitlonger about why they broke up. “I wasn’t happy. I did cheat, she was right, but I cheated after she did, which she failed to mention. She’d either come home piss drunk, or I’d have to pick her up at some strangers house the morning after. It was sickening, and she’s a compulsive liar. I hope someday she seeks treatment for her mental illness, because being a compulsive liar will only pull you down in life. She is rude, and this is the final time I want to ever hear her name or mention her. Goodbye.”

    Harry: “So, we finally have the exclusive from Caroline Flack about Harry Styles’ new girlfriend! How do you feel about their relationship, Caroline?” The interviewer asked, as you and him sat on your laptop watching it from the TV in the living room. Caroline didn’t know you guys are set up to respond to whatever she says via webcam, so she immediately starts bashing you. “Well, first of all she’s hideous! Have you seen her wardrobe too? She dresses like a bum! Her voice is so scratchy and high pitched, and she can’t sing or dance, so she’s pretty much just a waste of space.” Caroline sat back and smirked, letting her words sink in. Her face soon turned to shock when she turned around to the big screen behind her and saw you and harry’s face on a skype call. “SURPRISE! WE INVITED HARRY AND (Y/N) TO THE INTERVIEW TOO!” Her face was priceless. “What do you have to say, Harry?” the interviewer asked, turning to you two. “I have to say that Caroline is an awful human being, and way too judgmental. Now, we have to go back to the rough sex we were having before, BYE.” He then kissed you passionately, making sure they all saw, before turning the webcam off.

    Zayn: “And your girlfriend, she’s a bitch, nothing but selfish.” Perrie sang into the microphone, causing the audience to burst into applause. Little Mix was having their performance broadcasted on live television in the UK and the states, and you were with Zayn on tour in Florida. You turned to the station when nothing else was on, just as she sang that line. That line ended some song they were singing, where she changed the lyrics, and then she started speaking. “So, that song called ‘Selfish’ is written by me entirely, dedicated to my ex boyfriend Zayn and his new girlfriend, who had nothing better to do then to take him away from me, because she’s a gold digger.” Perrie said with a shrug and a giggle, as the crowd kept clapping. Fired up, he started a twitcam and immediately told the viewers why they broke up. “She only cared about her band, and I wasn’t going to keep competing for attention when we’d go out on dates. She literally hit on anything that moved, and I knew I could do better than her. She’s still obviously hurt over the breakup because she knew that was the way Little Mix would be gaining fans, only if she dated someone else who was more popular in the moment, so she resorted to bashing my girlfriend who hasn’t even spoken a word about her. Maybe you need to grow the fuck up, Perrie. And by the way, YOU LOOK LIKE A BRATZ DOLL ON STEROIDS.” With that, he shut the twitcam off as you sat there laughing.

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